Friday, July 12, 2013

Sharknado on Syfy: "town philosopher" Tara Reid and Ian Ziering Chow Down on Cheesiness

Didn't watch Sharknado, Syfy's latest made-for-TV movie? does one want the assimilate at the function World Health Organization fell asleep first?
If there is one issue individuals love and worry in equal live, it's sharks (Hello, Shark Week!), which suggests Sharknado, a TV picture show major Tara philosopher, already had lots going for it. however they set to travel that additional mile and mix sharks and tornadoes, AN irresistible combination deciding from Sharknado's social media domination on Thursday night.
In fact, even some celebrities came on the fun, taking a emit of Sharknado and sharing their amusing thoughts with their followers as they watched the mental disease go......

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