Monday, December 16, 2013

Christina Aguilera Talks 'Sad' State of Music For Female Artists

 Christina Aguilera Talks Sad State of Music For Female Artists

 Christina Aguilera says it's laborious for young feminine recording artists to remain faithful themselves and their superior skill with such a lot noise and out of doors opinion.

In a clip from NBC's "The Voice," wherever she was discussing rival Jacquie Lee, Aguilera discovered plenty of what she sees and maybe has older.

"It's laborious to be a missy during this business and be subjected to such a lot outside opinion, generally noise and things that actually do not matter outside of simply soft on music and eager to be there for the proper reasons," aforementioned Aguilera.

Adding that she's been around an extended time, she aforementioned seeing different ladies flustered and turned is gloomy.

"I've been during this for an extended time. such a large amount of individuals I see, they are available in, they get flustered and things begin turning into in dire straits completely different reasons and reasons that actually don't have anything to try and do with being at the core, an artist, and creating music for the love of it," aforementioned Aguilera. "And that produces ME unhappy. therefore this lady could be a gem and i will be goddamned if i am about to let that happen along with her."

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