Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Being Mary Jane

Is BET the new home for relationship dramas? Between the sport and Let's stick together, the network is steady building a slate of scripted  series in this realm. currently comes its latest providing, Being marijuana, a durable new series leading Gabrielle Union, that — in somewhat of a departure from the opposite shows — is a smaller amount concerning being in a very relationship than it's concerning being while not one.

Put along by the producers behind the sport and Jumping the Broom, Being marijuana revolves around Union as a booming TV anchor UN agency is weighed down by her not-so-fulfilling personal life. in conjunction with the tip of her latest romance — that fizzles when she discovers that the person she's been golf stroke up with is really married — Virgin Mary finds herself perpetually burdened with family responsibilities, as well as Associate in Nursing indisposed mother, a constantly skint brother, and a kinswoman UN agency keeps beginning babies. Through it all, Jane simply desires some friendship. The twist? She realizes it's going to not be a person she desires, however instead a baby.

The plot might sound sort of a banality rom-com, however rest assured this is often not the small-screen version of the rear Up least not entirely. Peppered with catchy Rihanna songs and timely pop-culture references (Mary contains a standing date to look at Revenge together with her BFF), the pilot is amazingly funny, fresh, and poignant. a lot of of the credit goes to Union, UN agency manages to capture her character's single gal heartsickness while not creating her seem weak or impoverished, while the story — no spoilers — takes alittle of a far-fetched flip toward the tip of the series launching motion-picture show.

Jane can come to BET as a series someday in 2014. it is a long wait — however assumptive the show continues to measure up to its pilot — i am willing to stay around to search out out simply however Being marijuana pans out.

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